Code of Ethics

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1. I agree to follow the regulations as set forth by the American Kennel Club and my national breed

club as they pertain to my purebred dog operations.

  1. I agree to abide by and uphold the principles of the Constitution, by laws and this Code of Ethics of

the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club.


  1. I will furnish a signed registration application, transfer or AKC limited registration, 3-generation

pedigree, if available, and a complete health certificate for each puppy sold.


  1. I will encourage spaying and neutering of animals not desirable for breeding.


5. I agree as a responsible club member to prohibit the sale of dogs or the provision of stud service/

brood matrons to commercial breeding operations, wholesalers, pet shops, brokers, laboratories,

auctions, raffles or contest giveaways.

  1. I will advise the purchaser of my puppies to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian of their

choice within the time period prescribed by appropriate state law (10 days in Pennsylvania). I

will refund the purchase price or take the puppy back and replace it if it is found to be unfit by a

veterinarian unless the purchaser decides on his/her own volition to keep the puppy.

  1. I will not sell my puppies at an age younger than recommended by the national breed club,

preferably not earlier than 10 weeks of age, and better at 12 weeks if the national breed club so


  1. I will maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all my dogs and see that puppies are

immunized and checked for parasites. I will furnish complete, comprehensive care and grooming

instructions with each puppy sold.

  1. I abide by the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club encouragement that all breeders assume more

responsibility for dogs produced throughout their lives rather than just until the first sale.

10. In my breeding program I will keep alert for and work to control and/or eradicate inherited

problems and conditions that are particular to my breed, and breed within the breed standard.

  1. I will represent my dogs as honestly as possible to prospective buyers and assist the serious novice

in his/her understanding of the breed.

  1. I will refrain from deceptive and erroneous advertising and will not use my membership in the

Chambersburg Area Kennel Club as a promotional tool to sell dogs.

13. I will try at all times to show good sportsmanship and keep in mind that the good of my breed

comes before any personal benefits. Maligning of other breeders or their dogs is inappropriate.

Good sportsmanship is appropriate at all times.

All dog owners have a responsibility to their canine companions to provide proper care and humane treatment at all times, whether in a multiple or single dog household. Proper care and humane treatment includes adequate and nutritious diet, clean water, adequate exercise, clean comfortable living conditions, regular veterinary care, kind and responsible human companionship, and training for appropriate behavior. Dogs should not be kept in circumstances or numbers where all these needs cannot be adequately filled.

Effective 03/21/2002