Pennsylvania Covid-19 Guidance

The PA Department of Agriculture has developed a guidance document and recommendations for pet shops, dealers, and breeders to limit exposure and risk related to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). As always, it is critical to practice biosecurity for the safety of animals and the public. 

Open the PDF to view, download, or print the 2-page document.

Events and Meetings Canceled until Further Notice

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, all Chambersburg Area Kennel Club events and meetings have been canceled until further notice.

Please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. For everyone's sake.

Chambersburg Area Kennel Club

If you have a show dog, breed for show dogs, a mixed breed or just love dogs and want to learn more about the world of dogs, why not come to a meeting and learn more about us?

AKC now allows mixed-breeds to compete in agility, obedience, rally and other performance competitions to earn titles. All dogs competing at an AKC event need to have a PAL/ILP, or Canine Partners registration from AKC if they are a mixed-breed or unregistered pure bred dog. Dogs that are already registered with AKC use their registration numbers.

AKC has recently added CGC as a title. CAKC offers CGC testing at various times during the year.  We support the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter and offer a discount to dogs that have been adopted from the shelter for their CGC test.

If you have a special interest concerning dogs, please come to a meeting and talk to the club about it.

Are You Looking Dog Training?

As a club, CAKC does not hold obedience classes, but recognizes the need to help your best friend fit in well with your household. Visit our page of links to area trainers and classes.

Training Resources Link

If you offer training and wish to be included as a resource, please use our Contact Us form and tell us about your program.

Are You Looking for a Dog?

We support an AKC Breeder Referral Program as a trusted way to find a well-bred dog.

If you are looking for a particular breed of dog and don't necessarily want a puppy, do a web search for rescue organizations devoted to that breed. Many AKC Breed Clubs are affiliated with rescue groups.

The AKC website has a lot of information about breed rescue groups, what to expect, and whether a rescued dog is the choice for you. The article link "How to Choose the Right Dog Rescue Group" will open in a new tab or window.

Some Helpful Information About Dog Shows ...

How can a judge choose the "best" dog from different breeds? Why aren't mixed-breeds in dog shows? Find those answers on the AKC Website, "Why No Mixed Breeds? And Other Questions About Conformation Dog Shows." It will open in a new tab or window.

However, mixed-breed and dogs may compete—and often do well—in events where the dog is judged on its ability to perform, not on its looks and structure. These include obedience, rally, dock diving, tracking, and many other fun activities. Before entering an event, your mixed-breed dog needs to be registered as an AKC Canine Partner. Click the link to open the page in a new tab or window.

Purposeful and Responsible Breeding

This article published by the Canine Chronicle is full of information about what goes into a litter of dogs bred with attention to health and the purpose for which the breed was created. The "read full article" link will take you to a log-in page, but it is free to read as a PDF in your web browser.

This link will open in a new tab or window: "Purposeful and Responsible Breeding."

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Chambersburg Area Kennel Club16 hours ago
Copied in part from Whippet Rescue and Placement's page:

It’s a holiday weekend coming and with that means fireworks. Many of us already know that means frightened and nervous dogs. If you’ve been through it already you know how frustrating it is for us to try and keep them calm and safe. Below are a few tips to hopefully help ease them through the holiday. Please feel free to share your own tips in the comments section. We can never have enough good suggestions for this issue.

• Be sure they are wearing their collars with ID tags on.

• Give them time to potty before the fireworks begin.

• If their health permits, exercise them more than usual earlier in the day. Tire them out.

• Be sure all doors and gates are closed and locked. Keep them inside during the fireworks and for a little while after.

• Lower blinds and close curtains.

• If you are having a party or cookout keep the dogs away from the festivities and make your guests aware that the dogs may be frightened.

• Turn on the TV or radio and turn up the volume to a level that helps mask the outside noise. Use a noise machine if you have one.

• Take the dogs for a ride away from the fireworks while they are happening.

• If they have a special toy try and get them to play with it. Fill a KONG or something they can work on.

• If your dog is comfortable in a crate put them in it and cover it with a dark cloth. Otherwise give them a comfortable place they feel safe in.

• ThunderShirts work amazingly well for many dogs. If you don’t have one already and can’t get one in time, see the picture in the comments below on how to make your own version.

• If you aren’t going to be home during the fireworks, be sure your dogs are taken care of and safe and secure.

• If you have a doggy door it may be a good time to close it off.

• Benadryl or Melatonin have been used to help calm them and maybe even sleep. Some people get medicine prescribed by their vets. Know your dogs limits with any medications and be sure to give them the medicine early enough before the fireworks begin. Acepromazine is NOT recommended for animals with fear of fireworks or thunderstorms. Click here to read why:
As always, check with your vet if you are unsure of proper dosage with any medications or supplements.

Keep your pets safe and have a fun and safe holiday.